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How I Keep Track of My Large Makeup Collection

 Hi there! Long time no blog! If you are new here, this blog digs into the world of makeup and skincare. This is a space where I post in-depth reviews about products, project pan and monthly empties. Although my main platforms are YouTube and Instagram, I decided to jump back onto my blog to bring more clarity to my overall goals as a makeup lover and consumer.  Since I last posted about my makeup inventory (back in 2017), I have to admit my collection has spiralled out of control. I have to fall on my sword and agree that having a makeup collection is not sustainable, and often times feels like I am throwing my money into a pit of fire.  So you may be wondering, how have I been keeping track of my huge collection? The answer is short and sweet... EXCEL! Now there are two types of people. People who like to physically write down their notes, and those who like to use technology. For the longest time, I have always written down my notes, and I even keep a journal but I began to realise

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